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Booking Information
  • 1) Price

    The price indicated in the booking system are base prices for the specific service and may defer accordingly to your treatment need. Our eyelist will best advice when you come in for your appointment. A detailed overview of our price list can be found on the 'Services' page of our website.

  • 2) Deposit

    A deposit is required to secure promo slots (i.e. First-timer Promo and Birthday Promos). The deposit goes into your treatment price and you'll just have to top up the difference after your appointment. Deposits strictly can't be refunded in an event of a cancelation or no-show.

  • 3) Rescheduling & Cancelation

    A link can be found in your confirmation email to manage your appointment. Your appointment can be cancelled or rescheduled by 6:00pm the day before your appointment without incurring a $20 late cancellation fee.

  • 4) Packages​ & Gift Cards

    Book a non-promo slot if you have a lash package with us or are intending to purchase one. Same for gift cards. Your booking will be deducted from your package or gift card when you come in for your appointment.

  • 5) Lash Removal

    Lash removal can be included as an ‘add-on’ under a main service. If you’re looking to come in for removals ONLY please Whatsapp us.

  • 1) How long does each session take?

    A full set of Lash Extensions takes approximately 2 hours. Lash Lift, Brow Laminate, and touch-ups take 1.5 hours.

  • 2) How long does the Lash Extensions & Lash Lift last?

    Depending on your lash care and natural lash growth cycle. Lash Extensions last for 4 to 6 weeks on average before requiring a touch-up. Lash Lifts last 5 to 7 weeks before requiring a new lift, and to ensure optimal lash health. Daily lash care is recommended for maximum lash retention (for example, not rubbing your eyes, using light eye makeup, and avoiding high concentrated oil-based serum around your eyes)~

  • 3) Is it painful or damaging for my lashes?​

    Not at all! In fact, you’ll sleep like a baby. We strive to create a relaxing and comfortable environment and experience for our customers. Our eyelists are trained to treat every individuals' eyes with the most care and a gentle touch. On top of that, our lash extensions are carefully isolated and attached away from your skin to ensure ultimate comfort and optimal lash health. All our products used are also gentle on the eyes too~

  • 4) Can I still use mascara or put eye make up?​

    No changes to your make-up routine after getting a lash lift! However, mascara is not recommended after lash extensions because of the hassle of having to remove it thoroughly after. Any remnants of mascara would be tacky and can be a perfect habitat for a bacteria party~ Eye makeup is okay but be sure that it is cleanly removed.

  • 5) What is UPward Lash?​

    The UPward lash technique is an innovative Japanese technique that's able to magically lift up your lashes with the use of lash extensions. If you have droopy lashes and it becomes even more droopy with lash extensions, UPward lash is what you need!⁠

  • 6) What is the difference between Standard Rod and Maetel Rod?​

    Standard rods have the same curvature throughout the rod, making the lash lift uniformly curled.⁠ Whereas the Maetel rod is designed to achieve a gentle curl toward the ends. The lash lift gradually taper out into a softer finish, giving it a natural Japanese fan-out look. Kinda creating that cat-eye shape!

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